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When you get your pet spayed or neutered, you're taking a responsible step in the right direction for their health and well-being while helping the animal community as a whole. At Coastal City Animal Hospital, we provide safe and compassionate services for your cat or dog. Our attentive veterinarians have a seasoned bedside manner, and our office is equipped with advanced technology to ensure your pet experiences a stress-free and efficient procedure that will have them back home by the end of the same day.

We are passionate about assisting the local animals of our beloved community by leveraging our warm, animal-loving values and modern capabilities. If your cat or dog is ready for a Nanaimo spay or neutering appointment, we are here to provide the reliable services you need. Contact us today and schedule an appointment!


Benefits of Spaying and Neutering

There are numerous benefits to this routine procedure, and our veterinary team is ready and able to answer all your questions. A spay or neuter surgery can potentially add years to our pet's life, lower the probability of certain cancers, and decrease the number of animals in shelters euthanized every year. Some benefits of getting your pet spayed or neutered include, but are not limited to:

  • Preventing Unwanted Offspring: Female cats and dogs can go into heat several times a year. During this period, female pets will attract male mates, which can result in an unplanned pregnancy. The average litter size for cats and dogs is between 4-6 newborns, which can be difficult to manage with your busy schedule while attempting to find good homes for the young ones. Unwanted pregnancies also contribute to an unfortunate overpopulation of animals in shelters and on the streets.
  • Reducing Health Risks: Spaying and neutering can prevent the risk of various health conditions like life-threatening uterus infections or the possibility of testicular cancer.
  • Assisting in Behavioral Issues: When you neuter your male pet, you reduce the chance of them roaming searching for a female mate. This procedure also assists in making your male pet more docile and relaxed, reducing unwanted behaviors like leg lifting and mounting other animals.

Our Spaying & Neutering Process

With the advancements in modern veterinary technology, spaying and neutering are safe and routine surgical procedures that will prevent your animal from reproducing. Spaying is a procedure performed on female animals which involves surgically removing the uterus and ovaries, permanently halting the possibility of pregnancy. Neutering is performed on males and involves removing the testicles to eliminate fertility.

Our veterinary team will first perform an initial consultation, which can be integrated into an introductory kitten or puppy exam or yearly wellness visit. We will work to ensure your pet is healthy and ready for surgery. Once we've concluded your pet is a good candidate for the procedure, we will schedule the surgery for another day, where your pet will be dropped off in the early morning and picked up by the afternoon.

What Should I Do Following My Pet's Procedure?

The following few days after the procedure, your pet may experience increased discomfort. We can prescribe pain medications if needed. If your pet's incision has opened or you've noticed excessive swelling, redness, or discharge, contact our office immediately. Here are some tips that should be followed to ease your pet's recovery:

  • Your pet should do little to no running or jumping for the next few days
  • Make sure to examine the incision daily to ensure it's healing properly
  • Keep your pet confined from other animals, and allow them to have a quiet resting place
  • Prevent your pet from licking the surgical site by keeping an eye on them or using a cone
  • Wait at least ten days after surgery to bathe your pet

Animal Spaying and Neutering FAQs

We know you're a caring pet parent with many questions and concerns about the process. Our veterinarians are always available to provide the answers you need to make informed decisions about your beloved pet's health and well-being. Some frequently asked questions regarding spaying and neutering procedures include the following:

When should I spay or neuter my pet?

This answer varies based on whether we are operating on a cat or a dog. Healthy cats can typically be spayed or neutered around eight weeks old, while we recommend that dogs undergo the procedure from two to nine months old. Don't hesitate to ask this question during the consultation; we will run the necessary exams to determine the best and safest time for your pet to receive this procedure.

Utilizing modern veterinary techniques and technology, spaying and neutering procedures are generally very safe. However, there are risk factors associated with older pets, overweight pets, and pets with unknown underlying health issues. This is why we prioritize running thorough physical exams and blood tests to be confident your pet is ready for surgery.

It's a common misconception that a spay or neuter procedure will drastically alter your pet's basic personality. It's ordinary for animals to become more docile, relaxed, and content after the surgery, freed from the urge to mate.

Local & Reliable Nanaimo Spay Neuter Clinic

At Coastal City Animal Hospital, we are a hardworking and experienced veterinary practice backed by modern technology. We will provide precise spay and neuter services, working to assist your pet's health and well-being while helping the local animal community.

We look forward to welcoming you and your precious furry family members into our office and providing a level of compassion and tender care all animals deserve. Contact our Nanaimo spay and neutering clinic today to find out more about our services!