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Why You Should Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Aug 18 • 2 minute read

If you’re trying to decide whether to spay or neuter your pet, you may have heard rumors that the surgery can make your pet gain weight or is otherwise not healthy for them. Not only are these myths untrue but spaying or neutering also has many benefits for your pet— and, by extension, you.

The following are some good reasons why you should spay or neuter your pet:

They’re more likely to lead a longer, healthier life.

Several studies show that spayed and neutered cats and dogs have longer lifespans than their intact counterparts. Spayed or neutered pets aren’t as likely to roam, making them less apt to get into fights with other animals or get hit by cars. Their increased longevity is also because spayed or neutered cats and dogs are less likely to develop certain types of cancer.

Spaying and neutering can curb some unwanted behaviors.

When cats or dogs aren’t spayed or neutered, they typically engage in some less-than-desirable behaviors. Male cats and dogs often spray strong-scented urine, and males tend to mount other animals, furniture, or people. Female cats often yowl loudly when they’re in heat, and they tend to urinate more frequently, often doing so outside of the litter box. Additionally, pets who have been spayed or neutered tend to be less aggressive, making them safer for families and the communities they live in. These unwanted behaviors are less likely or eliminated if your pet has been spayed or neutered.

It helps reduce the number of companion animals without homes.

Cats and dogs make wonderful pets, but in many cities, there are too many of them that don’t have good homes. The number of cats and dogs increases exponentially if they’re not spayed or neutered. By spaying or neutering your pets, you can help decrease the surplus of unwanted or homeless pets. When millions of animals already lack a good home, why would we want to further add to this overpopulation?

You’re likely to save money in the long run.

Spaying or neutering isn’t nearly as expensive as raising a litter of puppies or kittens. And some organizations offer low-cost spaying and neutering services to pet owners. If you adopt a shelter pet, having them spayed or neutered is usually mandatory and is a part of the adoption fee. In addition, your pet is less likely to roam and develop some types of cancer after being spayed or neutered, which can lead to veterinarian bills that are much larger than the cost of a spay or neuter surgery.

Make the Responsible Choice

Spaying or neutering your pet can provide it with many benefits. You’ll not only be cutting down on the number of homeless companion animals, but you’ll also be increasing the chances that your pet will live a longer, healthier life.

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